Our Seed Lineup

survival, disaster, self sufficient, seeds, survival seeds, emergency seedsThe term "garden vegetable can" isn't all that colorful and yet the contents of that package contain the key to life -

greenhouse, tulip greenhouse, exaco, mini greenhouse, affordable greenhouseWe've brought in a new greenhouse kit called the Tulip Greenhouse. The reason we chose this one is because it is the most complete and affordable greenhouse on the market.

wellwaterboy, waterbuck, hand pump, waterpump, deep water wellWhat in the world is a waterbuck pump, how much does it cost, and where do you get one?


Emergency Kits

Another devastating tornado this week in Oklahoma, one mile wide and seventeen miles long. What a year this has been. Hurricane Sandy, multiple floods and tornadoes, even early wildfires in the Western part of the U.S.

ezgro, hydroponic, vertical gardenWe've been growing fresh veggies in our EzGro vertical hydroponic garden for about 4 months now and we really like it. We've planted and harvested lettuce and spinach, and are almost ready to harvest cuccumbers! Talk about self sufficient.


**SEASONS GREETINGS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS** to all of you from all of us at Good Ideas For Life

This is our favorite time of the year and we thought we would share it with you by telling you what we are up to for the next few weeks.


Go Berkey Kit

go berkey , go berkey kit, berkey water filter, berkey purifier, berkey filter, big berekey, travel berkeyThis is my favorite of all of the Berkey lineup. I would have loved to have one of these in my camping days of old.

Good Ideas For Life, off grid worksIts been a lot of fun this past year blogging for Mother Earth News E Magazine about our homestead and off grid experiences.
I've met so many different people from all over the world.

Berkey just finished a new round of testing. The results are in and they are very good. The testing was more stringent than ever before and show that Berkey water filters remove viru's's and 95% of heavy metals including arsenic.