Berkey Water Filters

berkey water filter, berkey, water purifier, travel berkey, berkey filters, berkey purifiersWater - our most prescious commodity. Nothing is more essential to our health and survival than good clean water. That's why we felt it was important to include the Berkey water filters in our website.

So why would you want to own a Berkey water filter and what sets them apart from all of the other brands that are out there? Berkey filters will purify your water to 99.999%, that's why. Very few filters on the market will do the same, including name brand filters like Brita, Culligan, Aquasana and others just to name a few.

Click on this link: Big Berkey to see a summary of what this filter can do. If you want more detailed information email us at

Another good reason to own a Bereky water filter is the dollar savings you will soon realize if you are a person who drinks bottled water. Not only will you save all of the money you currently spend on bottled water,  but just think of the billions of empty bottles that end up at the landfill. And to top it off, most bottled water comes from a tap, just like you get at home from your local municipality. If you need to be able to carry your water with you, filter it first from your Berkey Filter and put it in a BPA free container or use the handy Sport Berkey which can be refilled and filtered wherever you are.