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Emergency Preparedness, Self Sufficiency, Healthy Living

Thanks for stopping by. Inside you will find products to help you become more self sufficient, grow your own food, and be prepared for any emergency.
Whether you live in an apartment or condo, in the city or country, we have something for everyone.

Our choices include Tattler reusable canning lids, Berkey water purifiers, Juwel insulated cold frames, Riga greenhouses, Mayday emergency kits and food, Little Cottage chicken coops, EzGro hydroponic gardens and much more.

Have a question? Contact us by phone or email using the Contact form below. We use many of the products we sell.

NOTE: due to the Coronavirus Pandemic most of the items we sell are in short supply or out of stock. please use the Contact Form below or give us a call to verify availability for all products.