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Portable Cooking Bag


Heats up canned food easily in an emergency. These cooking bags aren't the greatest but will do in a real emergency. The best we have done with them is get a can of chili "warm" but we think they are worth the price and worth carrying on our website.
Almost everyone has canned food of one kind or another and in an emergency situation these would be really nice to have. Chances are in a real emergency your ability to heat food will be limited. This source of heat does not require electricity, fossil fuels or fire.

Shipping Cost is an additional $3.50 and ships within 24 hours

Each package heats up to 10 Meals. Just place the can in the pouch - add water (measuring cup supplied) - add heater pad and wait 20 minutes for your hot meal. Maximum Heating Temperature is 194 degrees.
Cooking Bag Kit includes: 10 Heater Pads - 1 Measuring Cup - 1 Reusable Cooking Bag

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