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Corn Row Chicken Coop


The Corn Row Chicken Coop is the perfect portable chicken coop for keeping your corn rows ( or any other garden rows) free of weeds and keeping them well fertilized.  These are great for 1 - 4 chickens and will include wheels for easy moving!This is a panelized kit and will require some assembly. Excellent starter coop!
More and more people are turning to small coops for the backyard and not only enjoying fresh eggs but also teaching kids a little about animal care and farming. Another small step towards self sufficiency.

SHIPPING COST is an additional $175.00. Ships in 2-3 business days.

Built in the USA - Most chicken coops sold on the Internet today are built in China. Ours come from the middle of Amish country in Ohio.


Exterior enclosed area- 16' x 48'
Interior enclosed area- 18" x 25"
Overall Height- 34"
Overall size (including nest box)- 16" x 88"
Door size- 10" x 21"

Shipping Details

Little Cottage Co. panelized kits are shipped nationwide via common carrier. When your shipment is expected to be delivered via common carrier, you will be required to have 2 people there to help unload. Your shipment will arrive on a pallet (number of pallets will vary with size of building). The truck driver will help remove the bands and wrapping on the pallet, the 2 people will then be required to unload each panel piece by piece from the truck.

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