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Berkey® Base

Berkey® Base

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The Berkey® Base will fit under the lower container of the Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, and the Berkey Lights.  This allows the gravity filter to be used directly on the ground or situated anywhere on a flat surface and eliminates the requirement that the filter be placed on the edge of a table or counter.



The Berkey Light systems are made and assembled in the USA.

  • Berkey Base™ is designed to fit under the Travel Berkey® SystemBig Berkey® System, and Berkey Light® System (comes standard with Berkey Light® System)
  • The base elevates the system, enabling the containers to fit under the spigot
  • Allows these systems to be placed anywhere on a flat surface 
  • The height of the Berkey Base™ is 5.125" and the diameter is 8.625"
  • Made of a durable non-BPA copolyester


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