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EZGro Garden Hydroponic Kit - Terra Cotta

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The EzGro Patio Garden is a 4′ tall hydroponic garden designed for maximum growth results with minimal effort. Daily care is virtually eliminated, as you only need to fill the water and nutrient reservoir every 10 to 14 days. The timer can be programmed to activate the pump up to 7 times daily, to provide the nourishment plants thrive on.

This is vertical gardening made truly simple! It’s a perfect garden display for any yard, deck, patio, or balcony. You can grow from 20 to 80 full sized plants. 
Vegetables or flowers or both. Use this hydroponic setup indoors or out.
We have avoided hydroponics up until now because of the cost and the amount of space they take up. This unit is different. While it does have a requirement for electricity it is so minimal that we have an EZGro garden and we live off grid!

Color -  Terra Cotta
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The EzGro Patio Garden can also be used indoors in sun-rooms or near picture windows. Best of all, the EzGro Patio Garden is a 4' tall one-time investment which includes everything you need, and it’s designed to last a lifetime.

Laurie assembled ours in just a few minutes and without any tools. The timer is a little tricky but it didn't take long to program ours  to pump water for two minutes every hour between 8:00AM and 4:00PM. The pump control has two plug ins so we attached a tiny fan to the other one which is supposed to help assure that the plants don't get too tall before they fill out.
We had visible plants by the third day and ours was situated in the bedroom by a south facing window but the room is only about 60 degrees this time of year so we were very happy to see results so fast. We do not use a growing light.
We have talked to other people who own these hydroponic growers and they all seem really happy with theirs.


EzGro Patio Garden Kit Includes:

* 5ea Quad Pots, to grow 20 to 80 plants
* 1ea 5 gallon Reservoir Base
* 1ea Reservoir Cover
* 1ea Irrigation Pump
* 1ea Irrigation Timer
* 1ea Irrigation Tube
* 1ea Diffusion Cup
* 1ea Measuring Stick
* 1ea EzGro Nutrients, 3 part mix makes approx. 50gal
* 1ea EzGro Organic Medium
* 1ea Instructions
This is everything you need except for seed!

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