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Jaspak 1850 complete system with solar panels, inverter, charge controller, and generator

JASPak 1850 Solar Generator

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Solar generators have many uses. Because they don't make any noise you can use them as a backup generator in a crowded neighborhood, RV park, or campground. Use them to silently run your most important appliances in a power outage, pump water (120v pump only) from your well, charge your cell phones, turn on  a few lights, or even power up communications equipment in an emergency.
The JASPak solar generator allows you to plug your appliances in direct to the portable power source and avoid having to install an expensive transfer switch.
This unit comes with a built in battery charger you can plug into any outlet in your home to keep the solar batteries 100% charged at all times so it is ready to go in any emergency. It also includes a Pure Sine Wave inverter so you can operate your computer and other sensitive electrical appliances. See Description and Contents below for a complete list of items and features included with your JASPak solar generator. This generator also qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit (see details below).
JASPak is already the most powerful of a new line of solar generators. Leave the fuel and noise behind and join the growing ranks of those who choose a cleaner and quieter way of backup power generation.


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The JASPak 1850 is our premium generator system. Designed to recharge your battery in just a few hours - even while in use! The JASPak 1850 Generator System is what a large family with higher power demands need when the lights go out. Here is why your only solution is the JASPak Solar Generator:

Silent, fume-free, fuel-free, clean, green and reliable emergency power for you and your family!
When the lights go out – be sure you can keep your fridge on and food fresh, lights on and television available for emergency information.

Ready when you are – at any time!
The JASPak Solar Generator comes complete with a full time battery charging unit plugged into your house power so the unit is always charged and ready to serve. It is designed to maintain your solar generator AT ALL TIMES when you store your solar panel. The JASPak Solar Generator is designed to be connected to the solar panel, or the battery charger at all times so the unit is always ready!

520 watts of pure solar generated electricity!
No other solar generator on the market today offers a 520 watt set of American made solar panels.  Why do you want 520 watts?  Because when you need power generated, you don’t want to wait for a 30 watt or 60 watt panel to recharge your system in 30 hours – you want it recharged in just a few hours!

Portable power where you need it!
Both the JASPak Solar Generator and the 520 watt solar panel are on wheels and easily moved to where you need your power – even to the truck or car if you want to take it with you camping or need it at the cabin in the woods

Ease of use!
Open the lid, turn on the unit and plug in your devices and appliances!  Charge your mobile devices with the included USB Ports!  Charge your GPS unit or other 12v device with the included 12 volt outlets!  Plug in and individually control your regular household appliances and devices with individually switched power outlets.

Roll out the solar panel and plug it in!
During daylight hours, simply roll out the 520 watt solar panel and attach the 50 ft power cord to the JASPak Solar Generator. Instantly capture the power of the sun to recharge your system and keep your power available. Also, don’t worry about leaving the panel out and connected overnight because it has been built to protect your system from losing ANY power with special diodes to keep your battery from discharging.

Pure Sine Wave Power at NO EXTRA COST!
The JASPak Solar Generator uses only the finest in American made inverters which produce the cleanest electricity possible.  This is not an upgrade that costs you money – this is STANDARD EQUIPMENT!  Modified Sine Wave inverters are not suited for ALL electrical devices.  Pure Sine Wave inverters offer the best power available.


  • 153Ah VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Solar Power Battery with a keyed Master on/off switch
  • 1100 watt continuous/2200 watt surge pure sine wave inverter for serious power
  • 4 120 volt outlets on a switch
  • 12 volt sub-system with two 12v outlets and 3 USB charging ports on individual switches and fuses
  • Premium 12 volt battery charger/maintainer/desulfator
  • 520 watt, dual 60 cell, mono-crystalline solar panel set with 50ft power cable
  • Solar Panel mobility kit with large 7″ wheels and full range panel tilting for maximum power with manual sun tracking
  • 30 amp MPPT solar charge controller
  • Complete battery capacity monitor with remaining power and charge status

What Will The JASPak 1850 Run, And For How Long?

The JASPak 1850 Portable Solar Generator works from a single 153Ah AGM battery. The rule for general operation of a solar generator is to not consume more than 50% of the battery in any single usage to provide for a long battery life and maximum charge/recharge cycles. The information below assumes battery operation only and NO SOLAR INPUT. Running time is greatly increased while solar power is being generated and put back into the system! If you adapt your usage to this rule, you can expect the following running times based on watts consumed:

Cell phone charging at 8 watts/hr:….85-90 hours
L.E.D. Lighting at 10 watts/hr:………75-80 hours
Light bulb at 60 watts/hr:……………14-15 hours
22″ box fan at 80 watts/hr:………….11-13 hours
Television at 120 watts/hr:………….7-8 hours
Typical refrigerator at 140 watts/hr:.12-16 hours(1 hour on, 1 hour off)
(10 watts = 1Ah)

The JASPak 1850 uses a 1100 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter with a peak surge of 2200 watts for 3-5 seconds. This system is designed to run equipment under 1100 watts.

The Battery:

We started with a American made, deep-cycle AGM(Absorbed Glass Mat) battery designed specifically for solar power and years of maintenance free operation. AGM batteries are truly “next-generation” technology and deliver increased safety, performance, and service life over all other existing sealed battery types, including gel technology.
The Inverter:
Our next component is an American made 1100 watt Pure Sine Wave(PSW) inverter, also known as a True Sine Wave.  We do not use Modified Sine Wave(MSW) inverters – ever!  MSW inverters do not provide clean power for use by ALL electronic devices.  What good is a portable power solution if it has limitations right out of the box?  Do not get charged an upgrade fee to add a pure sine wave inverter when the JASPak has it standard!  Also included are four separate 120v outlets that are switched.  You have full control over what is on or off.
12 Volt Sub-System:

Having 120 volts at your fingertips from the inverter is great, but what if your emergency situation doesn’t require 120 volts?  All JASPak units come complete with an entire 12 volt sub-system for your 12 volt power needs.  Why invert the DC to AC and then swap it back to DC to charge a cell phone or tablet device? In some situations, you do not even have to turn the inverter on and you can use pure, efficient DC power! 
All JASPak’s come with two individually fused and switched 12 volt cigarette lighter style plugs AND, since you are likely in an emergency situation – you  probably forgot your cell phone charger, so the JASPak also comes with 3 USB ports for plugging your cell phone or tablet directly into the JASPak! (yes, we are Apple compliant for that brand of devices). Now that is how you prepare for an emergency! 
1 USB port provides up to 1.25 amps, 1 USB port provides up to 2.1 amps and the final USB port provides up to 2.5 amps and supports Apple products.  More than enough power to charge several phones or tablets at once.
Battery Charger/Maintainer:

To keep your JASPak in a state of 100% readiness, we also include the latest in AGM battery charging technology – AT NO EXTRA COST!  We have integrated a premium 12 volt battery charger/maintainer/desulfator that uses a micro-processor controller and achieves true 5-stage battery maintenance.  Quite literally Plug And Run, there is zero attention required once you have plugged this in.  Our goal was to give you piece of mind in knowing that you have emergency portable power at the immediate ready.  Keeping your JASPak 100%  charged is now simple and effortless once you plug it in!
Solar Panel and Charge Controller:
When the power is out and you still need it, it is time to roll out the American made, 60 cell, 520 watt, mono-crystalline solar panels. Equipped with a 50 foot power cable, the panels can be setup outside in seconds and then cabled to the JASPak’s solar panel charge controller.  Our chosen charge controller is an American made, highly-efficient 30-amp maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller.

Also included at no extra charge on all generator packages, a system battery monitor that provides you with what is remaining in your system.  The American made status monitor is a vital piece of technology that no system should be without.  The monitor will provide your current percent left on the battery.  A system of this caliber cannot be left to run without insight and the JASPak has you covered.

Tax Credit:

The JASPak 520 Solar Generator System qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit For Residential Renewable Energy and you can receive 30% of the total purchase price as a tax credit. Read here for further information: Federal Tax Credits For Consumer Energy Efficiency

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