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JASPak Batt-Pak


The JASPak Batt-Pak is our newest product. Designed to connect to your existing JASPak Solar Generator and double your power capacity. Recommended for existing owners and new users who may want to double their runtime before recharging.

Shipping will be an additional $119.00

The JASPak Batt-Pak is an additional 153 Amp-Hour battery designed to simply connect to your JASPak Solar Generator and double your power storage. When connected to the JASPak Solar Generator, the connected solar panel will charge BOTH batteries and keep you running twice as long!

Every JASPak Batt-Pak comes with its own individual battery capacity monitor, portable case with extended pull handle and the home charger / battery maintainer so your extra battery is also always ready at 100% when you need it!
Please note that while the JASPak Batt-Pak will extend your running time, it will also increase your charging time. Our JASPak solar panels are extremely capable of charging both batteries at once, but there will be extra time required when charging two batteries.
The JASPak Batt-Pak will qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit For Residential Renewable Energy and you can receive 30% of the total purchase price as a tax credit when purchased with a qualifying JASPak 520 Solar Generator System.


-153Ah AGM Battery
-Home Charger/Maintainer/Desulfator
-Battery Capacity and Charge Status Monitor
-Mobility with a case on wheels on telescoping handle
-1 year warranty


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