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Deep well hand pump, waterbuck pumps

The WaterBuck Pump


For the first time ever, you can get a deep well hand pump customized for your well that delivers the quantity of fresh water you need for every day household use without hand pumping until your arm falls off. Human power is all that’s required to operate this amazing machine.
You can pump as much as 15 gallons per minute from an 80’ static water level well. You can even pressurize your water pressure tank with this pump. Go 300' deep and more and still produce enough volume to supply your daily needs in as little as a few minutes per day. Contact us to discuss whether or not this new patent pending customized hand pump can meet your needs.
This pump is not free. You will need to contact us for a customized quote. Please use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page or call us at 360 303 3911. You can also  look at the Pricing Tab below.

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Good ideas For Life is proud to be an approved WaterBuck Affiliate. We are authorized to offer information about the Waterbuck pump to you. If you are interested please use the Contact Form below to email us and we can put you in touch with Darren Holliday the inventor of WaterBuck Hand Pumps. By going through us initially you can save $250.00 off your purchase price. Serous inquires only – please.

The WaterBuck Pump is an efficient, manually operated deep-well pumping machine with enormous mechanical advantage — well beyond the ability of common hand pumps, but in the range of large-diameter windmills.
A capacity up to 30+ gallons a minute under human power is possible, depending on static water level, the size of cylinder and fitness of operator or operators.
This hand pump machine is also within the performance range of 3/4 horsepower submersible electric well pumps. That is the same size we currently use for our 1500 SF home, barn, gardens and animals. We use between 30-40 gallons per day. With our 300’ deep well it would only take about 4 minutes of pumping per day to satisfy our needs.
Each hand pump will be custom designed by the inventor himself, Darren Holliday. We ask for serious inquiries only because there is only one Darren and well, there is only one Darren.


Following is a Sample of what a kit would include for an 80’ deep static level well. This Sample design would be for a 4″pump cylinder installed in a 6″casing without an electric pump.

System includes:  WaterBuck Pump Head (not sold separately)
1 – Brass reciprocating pump cylinder 4″x 26″(27 lbs.)
1 – 2” brass stuffing box (for closed system) with 3/4” x 30” stainless steel rod (upper pump rod)
1 – 2″x 8″cylinder strainer
5 – fiberglass sucker rods (21′x 3/4″) with rod guides
1 – stainless sinker bar 36″ (12.5 lbs)
4 – 5/8 x 5 concrete anchors
Some assembly required. The above sample price does not include a counter weight system we are designing for easier operation. The counterweight system is only for deep well applications.
Not included 105′of 2″schedule 40 galvanized drop pipe, 20′x 2″PVC pipe extension, well seal, 2″tee, 4 – 2″drop pipe couplings, concrete and rebar for a concrete pad at least 30 inches x 32 inches x 6 inches, installation, shipping and Missouri sales tax if shipped within Missouri.
We do not recommend using  PVC for a drop pipe. Hard pipe is required. PVC is too lightweight for this type of pump. During operation, the PVC will spiral and flex like spaghetti and the drop pipe will rise with the upstroke.
We recommend that only licensed water well pump professionals install the pump system.
Note:  Sucker rod can be special ordered in 10-foot lengths for homeowners who have professional experience installing water well pumps and would like to install the pump with 10-foot manageable sections.


Since each hand pump is custom designed it is difficult to provide you with a price list. For most wells ranging from 30' to 600' deep the price range will most likely fall between $6,000 and $8,000 dollars.
You could install a comparable solar powered system for $5,000 but the solar components are limited in how long they will last. Each time you replace a component the price goes up.
You might also compare this system to a 12’ windmill system for a price of $11,870.00 but the windmill will not be able to pump as much volume as the WaterBuck Pump.


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